Custom-Designed Mindfulness Training for Business, Healthcare & Non-Profits

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A growing number of trade journal and academic articles report excellent return on investment from staff and employee Mindfulness training. These articles point to the positive impact mindfulness has on costly issues like stress-related physical illness, emotional distress, substance abuse, absenteeism and overall healthcare/insurance costs. Mindfulness training often also results in stronger employee morale and job satisfaction, enhanced creativity and production, fewer on-the-job accidents, greater customer satisfaction and other positive changes.


We can create a cost-effective mindfulness training program that fits your organization. Options include and are not limited to:

• a one-time 2-hour to an 8-hour introduction to the core skills of mindfulness combined with an 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction self-study program, which is low cost and excellent for self-starters. Learn more about MBSR.

• a multi-session 3-month program which is quite comprehensive and offers support all along the way.

• a year-long mindfulness program for both management and staff, a good choice if your aim is organizational transformation.

• a uniquely designed program perhaps one that brings the power of technology into the mix by adding videoconference sessions at key times during training.

While there are clear advantages to live, in-the-room training experiences, an effective program can also be delivered through the ease of the internet. This is especially true when on-going teleconference training is combined with one or two live training sessions or a weekend immersion into mindfulness.


My approach is to first learn about your organization, your goals, mission, challenges, resources, employee types and personalities, business work-flow and key targets for improvement. Together we will map out a cost-effective program that will bring the tool of mindfulness into your organization. My aim is to make the strongest impact on the most employees and managers for the lowest investment of both your on-site time and your financial resources.


Here are a few recent articles on the impact of mindfulness in the workplace:

• A March 2015 article from The Atlantic, Corporations' Newest Productivity Hack: Meditation

• An October 2012 Forbes Magazine article, A Guide to Mindfulness at Work

• An April 2015 Forbes Magazine article, The Future of Work: Mindfulness as a Leadership Practice

A March 2015 article in the Huffington Post, How Corporate America Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Meditation

• From the University of North Carolina Business School, Bringing Mindfulness into the Workplace

• A news report of the 2015 Mindfulness Symposium for Louisville Metro First Responders

• An article on Mindfulness in the Non-Profit World

• A 7-Minute video with Jon Kabat-Zinn on mindfulness


If you are considering making an investment in mindfulness training for your organization, I would appreciate the opportunity to explore options with you. Please drop me a note and we'll arrange a time for a face-to-face meeting or an internet conference at your convenience.