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I trust you will enjoy these guided meditations and the Starter Kits provided below. May they give you a little taste of the power of mindfulness - enough that you will be motivated to establish a meditation practice and/or take one of my Mindfulness Training Programs! Or to find your own way into a mindful lifestyle - there are many fruitful paths up the mountain of life :-)


A great place to begin this self-guided exploration of mindfulness is with the Body Scan, using it daily for a week or so then trying out the other guided meditations from time to time. Relaxing Breath is a good one to use along with the Body Scan for establishing a daily practice and for helping to get a good night's sleep.


I wish you a rewarding journey into a more balanced, healthy and mindful lifestyle! Let me know how I can support your practice! Stay well, John



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• Body Scan (45 minutes)


10-Minute Guided Meditation


• 20-Minute Guided Meditation


• Relaxing Breath (10 minutes)


• Christian-Oriented Body Scan (45 minutes)


• For a deeper experience, from time to time, practice these guided meditations in a Restorative Yoga posture.


Mindfulness Starter Kits


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• Enjoy this 20-minute video about the how mindfulness works to shape our brains - some motivation for practice!


• Starter Kit for Establishing a Daily Mindfulness Meditation Practice


• Starter Kit for Cultivating Mindful, Healthy Relationships


• Starter Kit for Sharing Mindfulness with Children and Youth


Learn more about Mindfulness Training Programs.


If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a note