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Sanghas (sitting groups)

  • Louisville Zen Group Weekly sittings and an occasional longer retreat in the tradition of Rochester Zen Center - Roshi Philip Kapleau.
  • Louisville Vipassana Community: Insight Meditation Weekly sittings, introductory classes and day-long and weekend retreats led by a teacher trained and mentored by the folks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
  • Louisville Community of Mindful Living Zen in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Weekly sitting groups, regular Day of Mindfulness practice and occasionally, some longer trainings. This is a very gentle community of open, loving folks - a great way to get a regular meditation practice and mindful lifestyle started if you feel at all uncomfortable by the idea of meditating with a group.




    Meditation Centers and related training in Louisville:Balancing Stones

    • Earth and Spirit Center - a powerful blend of Christian Contemplative and Buddhist Traditions. Introductory and continuing meditation classes, an intense year-long training program, monthly day-long sits, non-residential single-day and weekend retreats offered and many other interesting workshops and events.
    • Tashi Gomang Dharma Center (Tibetan) a variety of engaging and rewarding offerings in this higher-level Buddhist tradition.

    Loose Leaf Hollow Spiritual Retreat Center

    • Doug Van Houten offers a variety of other journeys for discovering the meaning and destiny at the heart of each life including world-shifting Soulcraft intensives. and weekend experiential programs.  Check out his website.
    • Mindful Parenting Workshops and Mindful Living Series and other rewarding mindfulness-based programs as well as 1:1 and couple's psychotherapy offered by Shelly Sowell. Check out her website for more info.
    • Aerial Arts and Cirque Fitness Studio is offering Mindfulness classes! SuspendLouisville.com 
    • Shine Wellness Studio offers a variety of wellness and life-enrichment programs - come share a dance with Maria! 


    Other excellent resources outside of Louisville:

    Group Sitting

    • Goenka Vipassana- 10-day and other courses offered around the world -  everything is offered on a donation-only basis. I sat and served these retreats for over 8 years including a 20- and a 30-day course and have a great deal of respect for this tradition. For Louisville folks, the nearest center is just outside of Chicago. These challenging retreats are an excellent way to deepen your practice and connection with the body in a very tight and supportive container. Know that you don't have to devote yourself to this particular tradition to benefit from the first10 days of intense practice. This is true only if you choose to continue on this path for awhile - not a bad idea - trust me :-)
    • Integral Zen this is my most recent meditation community and a source of unique powerful and clear meditation practice - if you feel so inclined, check it out! Four and seven day retreats are being offered around the country and in Europe.
    • Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji a beautiful traditional Japanese monastery in upstate New York where I had my first taste of formal meditation practice in 1990, spent 20+ years with "more gentle" practices and returned for Mondo training in 2013. I have returned a few times since and find each experience to be quite rewarding.
    • Oakwood Center - a beautiful retreat center is not far from Indianapolis, Indiana. Over the years, I've sat a number of week-long retreats as well as a 30-day Insight Meditation retreat here.
    • Spirit Rock - Jack Kornfield's center in California
    • Insight Meditation Society - Joseph Goldstein, center in Barre, Mass


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