NOTE: As of Sept 20, this retreat is almost full. Please contact John before registering to make sure we still have a space for you. Thanks!


October 7 - 9, 2016 (Friday thru Sunday) - Join us for a weekend non-residential Integral Zen Meditation Retreat co-led by Onyru Ingrid Bamberg and John Shealy, two Integral Zen priests in the Hollow Bones Renzi Zen Order. This is a unique opportunity to deepen your meditation practice, learn more about Integral Zen and share in the cultivation of our Louisville Sangha - all without having to buy a plane ticket! Flowing Dharma is sponsoring this event which will be held at the Earth & Spirit Center.


When we co-led a similar retreat in July of 2016, it was very well received and those attending asked for another opportunity to practice in this co-ed led, integrally-informed container. The dance between the masculine and the feminine impressed us all! Onyru and I are excited and honored to be working together again - we hope you'll join us!


This three-day Integral Zen Non-Residential Retreat is designed for experienced meditators** who are committed to deepening their meditation practice and are willing to be open, honest and vulnerable within a safe container. Our intention is not to exclude anyone, but rather to provide a strong vessel within which to both deepen our meditation practice and to heal some of the wounds and illuminate some of the shadows that can prevent our practice from deepening. Our experience tells us that at least a basic foundation of mindfulness practice is needed to benefit from stepping into these deeper waters.


Integral Zen (IZ) builds on the solid foundation of Clear/Deep Heart Mind provided by Mondo Zen by taking a more comprehensive view of the many elements impacting our practice. The IZ map includes: the four-quadrant perspective, developmental structures, states of consciousness, lines of development, personality type and gender, all elements of our experience that influence our depth of realization. Family-of-origin, race/class and other societal issues also play a role and can be explored within an IZ retreat vessel as well. Within this expansive view, IZ brings a deep appreciation for how unresolved trauma and unconscious shadow elements can severely limit our growth and provides some impressive healing options. Learn more about Integral Theory.


Unlike many of the meditation practices popular in our culture, Integral Zen moves beyond “waking up” (training in higher states of consciousness) to include:

“cleaning up” (healing our traumas and bringing light to our shadows),

“growing up” (cultivating our capacity to take more comprehensive perspectives of reality), and

“showing up” (taking our seat as a serious practitioner on a path of transformation – Integral Zen or another disciplined practice).


The co-leaders on this retreat, John Shealy and Onyru Ingrid Bamberg, are both students of Doshin Roshi.  Some of you know Doshin from attending the Mondo Zen retreats he has led here in Louisville over the past couple of years. Doshin has given his blessing to Ingrid and my offering this retreat together. We hope that our interplay of masculine and feminine energy and the process that unfolds between us will encourage deeper participation and engagement of everyone attending. While we have a working outline of the retreat's format to keep us on track, we listen for guidance from Deep Stillness regarding the flow of the retreat. We know that much of the richness will manifest only after a safe vessel has been cultivated for our deep work together.


Please join us for this retreat as we explore:

- The Mondo Zen dialogue process - setting a solid foundation for our retreat
- How supportive meditation instructions can deepen our practice – targeted guidance for dropping more deeply into Stillness
- The effective balance among zazen and movement meditation practices – sitting meditation, Qigong, Hatha yoga and mindful walking

- The power of voice dialogue to move us into deeper realizations of our inner workings, blocks and confusions

- The impact of somatic release work – untying the knots in our body that limit our experience of Clear, Deep Heart-Mind
- The impact of interpersonal exchanges that occur within a safe vessel for sharing – cultivating our ability to be open, honest and vulnerable with ourselves and others
- The rewards of resting in Stillness when uncertain or confused – leaning into discomfort, relaxing into not knowing , listening deeply


** Specific to this retreat, an experienced meditator has a somewhat regular mediation practice (e.g. almost daily sitting, movement or yoga practice; and, has completed a multi-session MBSR program; attended one of Fr. Joe’s or Glenda Hodges-Cook’s meditation classes; or had similar training including self-taught) and feels ready to dive into a deeper meditation and healing experience. We'll be sitting for no more than 30-40 minute periods, zafus and comfortable chairs will be available.


• Dates and time: Friday morning through Sunday evening, October 7 - 9, 9am to 6pm each day. (note: In order to support the silence and depth of the container, we ask everyone to sit the entire retreat, arrive on time and stay the full day. Some exceptions may be made but only for those who have attended a retreat with Doshin.)


• Group size will be limited to only 12 participants - sign up early!


• Lunch: in order to keep the cost low, we are asking everyone to please bring a bag lunch. Water, tea and some snacks, nuts and fruit will be provided.


• Location: "The Barn" at Earth & Spirit Center (behind St Angnes Church on Newburg Road)


• Cost: Sliding Scale based on your ability to pay, $200 down to $100.

Some partial scholarships and payment plans available, no one will be turned away simply due to lack of funds. You will have an opportunity to further support the teachers and Flowing Dharma with "dana" at the close of the retreat.


• Details and preparation materials will be sent to you a week or so before the retreat.


Payment options:

• Mail a check made out to "Flowing Dharma" to John Shealy, 535 Forum Ave, Louisville, KY,40214. Include your contact info including email and cell number.

• Pay with your credit card by clicking on the PayPal "Donate" button below.

Thank you for your support of this powerful retreat!


Learn more about Integral Mondo Zen practice:

Download and review the Mondo Manual that we will be drawing from on this retreat. You'll find it here.

Download and enjoy the Mondo Zen Sutra Book - very rich and powerful. You'll find it here.

Integral Mondo Zen website where you'll find more information.


If you have any questions, drop me a note or give me a call at 502 727 2996.

Blessings, John

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