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Payment for my professional services or to register for any of my Mindfulness Trainings or MBSR programs (where registration is not being handled by the sponsoring organization - e.g. Earth & Spirit Center or DGI) can be made via: cash, check or major credit card. Also, for my integral psychotherapy and life coaching services, payment may also be made with a Health Savings Account if you have one available.


Cash: Is always a welcomed form of payment! But please only when we are in the same room together - I don't want to tempt my mail carrier :-)


Check: Mail your check made payable to "John Shealy," to: 535 Forum Ave., Louisville, KY 40214




Credit & HSA Card payments:


• In my office, I will scan your credit card and handle the payment process for you.

• If you're making an on-line payment either from your own PayPal account or using your Credit Card, simply click on the "Make a Payment" logo below and follow the instructions. (Don't worry about the word "donate." It's was just an easy set-up that allows for a range of fees.)


With both PayPal options, in a few minutes I will receive notice from PayPal of your payment with your name and email address. PayPal will send you a receipt of your payment to your email.


If you have any questions, drop me a note or give me a call 502 727 2996.