Louisville Psychedelic Network

Louisville Psychedelic Network is an organization founded in 2019 by a few good folks devoted to raising awareness about the potential benefits of careful psychedelic use - as a compliment to psychotherapy, other deep healing and otherwise. We are sponsoring a number of public events, workshops and conversations in the Louisville community in the coming months. Hope you'll join us!


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UpComing Events


Picture of Fantastic Fungi


We expected to be showing the amazing film "Fantastic Fungi: The Magic Beneath Us" at Headliner's Music Hall on March 26th. We're sorry but due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the movie has been canceled.

Good News! You can now purchase or rent the movie!  Learn more here



This trailer will give you a taste of this powerful movie. And you'll love these amazing short videos on The Mushroom Page.  







Circle of Hands



•  CANCELLED! Saturday, April 25 - Psychedelic Peer Support Workshop - MAPS was planning to offer this "Zendo Training" in Nashville.


Check out this 7-session Webinar Training that is being offered by MAPS beginning April 9th  Learn more and register.












Past Events


Poster of December Event



On Wednesday, December 18th from 5:30 to 8pm at Logan Street Market we had an engaging conversation around how careful, legal psychedelic use can enhance everyday life while deepening one's meditation practice and stabilizing a higher state of consciousness.


Facilitators were: Greg Ellis and John Shealy


We began by sharing gifts of food and drink from some of our generous supporters as together we cultivated a safe space for an honest, open-hearted connection. An amazing group of +/- 80 good folks joined us for an engaging presentation and interactive conversation.






Old Pen on Paper

Stories:  BTW, I'm collecting and sharing stories from those who have taken a psychedelic journey(s) and are willing to write up a brief description of their experience(s) and most importantly, how they have found these experiences transforming in their everyday life OR how they feel these experiences have set them back on their path toward healing and growth. Check out what I've collected so far.


I hope you'll share your stories with our growing psychedelic community.