Mindfulness in Psychtherapy: A 24-CEU Training Program for Mental Health and Allied Professionals.


Suggested Articles and Resources

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Principal texts and support for this course:

  • Session One: MBSR as an Adjunct to Psychotherapy (**Home Study see below)
  • Session Two: Applying Mindfulness in Psychotherapy (**Home Study see below)
  • Session Three: Mindfulness in Psychotherapy: Depression (**Home Study see below)
  • Session Four: Mindfulness in Psychotherapy: Anxiety
  • Session Five: Mindfulness in Psychotherapy: Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders (**Home Study see below)
    • An Information-Processing Analysis of Mindfulness: Implications for Relapse Prevention in the Treatment of Substance Abuse. Breslin, C. F., Zack, M., and McMain, S. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 2002, v9 (3), 275-299.
    • G. Alan Marlatt: "Addiction and the Buddhist Middle Way: Implications for Relapse Prevention and Harm Reduction" Presentation audio and Powerpoint
    • Relapse Prevention: An Overview of Marlatt's Cognitive-Behavioral Model
    • Mindful Meditation and Substance Use in an Incarcerated Population.
    • The Heart of Addiction by Lance Dodes, MD
    • Mindful Eating: An Interview with Geneen Roth
    • **Mindfulness-based approaches to eating disorders by Joan Kristeller, Ruth Baer and Ruth Quillian-Wolever (from: Mindfulness and acceptance-based interventions: conceptalization and emperical support. (2006)
  • Session Six: Mindfulness in Psychotherapy: Pain Management

Home Study Articles and Tests (12 of the 24 CEUs come from this material)

Other Applications of Mindfulness in Psychotherapy