John S. Shealy, PhD

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

• Strong educational background in the scientist-practitioner model and a broad base of professional, clinical and life experience

• Excellent communication, interpersonal, psychotherapy and life coaching skills

• Natural ease in working with people regardless of cultural background, race, religious preference, sexual orientation, social status or educational background

• Broad base of skills and knowledge related to matching effective psychological and life-style interventions to a wide variety of clinical and non-clinical issues

• Work cooperatively with other professionals and support staff from diverse disciplines and cultural backgrounds

• Effective in mentoring and training mental health and allied professionals

• Embody a mindful, healthy, smoke and alcohol free lifestyle that includes a vegetarian diet, regular exercise and meditative practices

Educational Background

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a Minor in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, 1991, The University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, an American Psychological Association approved program.

Dissertation: Early Family History, Interpersonal Attachment Style and Response to Information on Dysfunctional Family Systems: An Experimental Intervention Targeting Single College Women.


Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, 1989, The University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. 

Thesis:  Dual Career Couples: Coping Strategies.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Business Administration, 1986, Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina.  Graduated Cum Laude.

Senior Research: Locus of Control, Body Consciousness & Gender: Relations to Biofeedback and Autogenic Relaxation Training.

Work Experience

Licensed Clinical Psychologist - KY 128197 (NPI# 1710936711) Private Practice, Louisville, Kentucky. Provide Integral psychotherapy and life coaching including the integration of psychedelic and other mystical experiences to a diverse adult outpatient population using a wellness-centered, mindfulness-based, holistic approach. Utilize a wide variety of therapeutic techniques to access and resolve the underlying causes of emotional, psychological and physical symptoms. Through 2017, I offered a variety of Mindfulness Training as well as programs for Cultivating Healthy Relationships to the public and continuing education programs to a variety of healthcare professionals. January 2013 to Present.


United States Peace Corps Volunteer - Community Health Educator in Swaziland (now Eswatini), Africa. Received a broad range of training in community-based development, health and safety and effective integration into a foreign host community. Provided HIV/AIDS education, mitigation and support while living in a rural community on a traditional homestead. Conducted interventions to raise the capacity of community leaders and volunteers as well as NGO service providers. Instrumental in securing $16,200 in grants from four funding agencies in support of community-based organizations. See some photos and blog posts from this adventure.


Cultivated supportive relationships among key community members, NGO and Swazi government development and relief agencies. Encouraged at-risk and vulnerable populations to avoid HIV infection through a variety of empowerment efforts including life-skills training, income-generation workshops and one-to-one mentoring. As a member of Peace Corps' Peer Support Network, provided emotional support to current volunteers and participated in the pre-service training of incoming trainees. June 2009 to September 2011. Read the official description of my Peace Corps service.


Clinical Psychologist - Independent Practice, Tampa, Florida. Provided psychotherapy to a diverse adult outpatient population using a wellness-centered, mindfulness-based, holistic approach.  Utilized clinical hypnosis and meditative techniques for stress management and anxiety reduction, chronic pain management, trauma-related issues and habit control.  Addressed a host of spiritual, meaning and phase-of-life issues, and provided intimate relationship and marital counseling.  Conducted workshops on stress and lifestyle management and personal wellness. Offered Continuing Education Programs for mental health professionals and supervised mental health interns. March 1995 to September 2008.


Staff Psychologist - Professional Psychological Services, a managed-care-based group practice in Clearwater and Tampa, Florida. Provided individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy to a diverse outpatient population. As the coordinator for county government and private company Employee Assistance Programs, provided management and employee training and consultation, critical incident debriefings, stress management workshops and monthly newsletter articles on health-related issues. Conducted fitness-for-duty evaluations and critical incident debriefings for city and county law enforcement, fire and emergency medical personnel. October 1991 to October 1995.


Psychology Intern - The University of South Florida Counseling Center for Human Development, Tampa, Florida, an APA approved training facility. Provided short-term individual and couples psychotherapy and co-facilitated process-oriented psychotherapy groups. Conducted workshops on a variety of family-of-origin and health and wellness issues. Completed a three-month external rotation in the chronic and acute inpatient units of the James A. Haley Veteran's Administration Medical Center. 1990 to 1991.

Body-Mind & Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training

Integrating Psychedelic & Mystical Experiences through Psychotherapy and Life Coaching: Participating in a variety of MAPS trainings including a live weekend workshop in Louisville in August of 2019, a number of webinars on providing support to those engaged in psychedelic experiences and the safe and effective use of psychedelics in psychotherapy. Studying a collection of books and research articles on these topics from the Zendo Project and MAPS' Training Books and Manuals and a variety of Continuing Education Courses (e.g. Feb 2023 - Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy: Promises and Perils - Harvard Medical School, 14 CE hours). January 2018 to present.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Mind-Body Medicine: A 7-Day, 61-CEU Professional Training Program conducted by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D. and Saki Santorelli, Ed.D. in Austin, Texas. September 2003.


Mindfulness in Everyday Life: A Program for Healing Professionals a 24-CEU program sponsored by Mindful Living Programs in Northern California, August 2006.


Yoga Teacher Training. 200-hour certification.  July 2006.


Clinical Hypnosis. Completed 91 hours of clinical training offered by The American and Florida Societies of Clinical Hypnosis (i.e. ASCH and FSCH). These programs addressed the various applications of clinical hypnosis and included: Ethical Considerations and Contraindications of Clinical Hypnosis; Induction and Deepening Techniques; Cognitive Hypnosis for Behavior Change; Applied Hypnotherapy in Behavioral Medicine; Hypnotherapy for Performance Enhancement; Hypnosis and Energy Medicine; Psychoneuroimmunology: Psychosocial Treatment of Immune-Related Disorders; Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine; Hypnosis with PTSD and Dissociative Disorders; Hypnosis with Sexual Dysfunctions; and Using Hypnosis with the Chronic Pain Patient. 1991 to 1996.


Psychoneuroimmunology. Completed 24 hours of clinical training that explored the interaction of mind and body including: Health-Related Pleasures; Psychobiology of Mental Control; Mood, Food and Appetite; and Emotions: A Seminar for Health Professionals. Programs were sponsored by CorTexT and the Institute for Natural Resources. 1994 to 1995.

Teaching Experience

Meditation Teacher

Mondo Zen and Integral Zen. Facilitated introductions and deepening experiences to novice as well as seasoned meditators in this actively evolving Buddhist tradition. Mondo Zen is based on Japanese and Chinese Zen and updated to better meet the needs of those living in the 21st Century. Integral Zen builds upon the foundation of Mondo Zen by bringing the broad perspective offered by Integral Theory into the process of awakening, stabilizing and bringing this clarity out into the world. February 2012 to June 2017.


Mindfulness & Insight Meditation. Regularly led “Day of Mindfulness” meditation retreats and “Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation” half-day workshops. Facilitated three- and five-day residential and non-residential silent meditation retreats with a variety of adult and youth populations. January 1999 to September 2008.


Workshop Facilitator

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction an 8-week experiential workshop (20 hours total class time) that closely followed the MBSR model developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli at University of Massachusetts Medical Center. These programs were conducted with a variety of clinical and non-clinical populations as well as yoga teachers and health professionals. 2003 to June 2017.


Mindfulness Based Healthy Relationships either a 4 session, 16-hour training or a 6-session, 12-hour training, this life-enrichment program builds on the basic elements of MBSR with a focus on bringing mindfulness to intimate relationships. More intensive versions of this program designed to meet the needs of specific populations are offered as well. 2015 to June 2017.


Mindfulness in Psychotherapy: A 24 CEU Training Program for Mental Health and Allied Professionals. This six-week interactive program combined a review of empirical research with in-depth experiential training for the effective integration of mindfulness into the practice of psychotherapy with a variety of client populations. June 2006 to September 2008.


Mindful Coupling: A Workshop for Deepening Emotional, Sexual and Spiritual Intimacy. A half-day experiential workshop co-led by Judith Curts, PhD for committed couples and interested singles who are seeking to integrate the power of mindfulness meditation into their intimate relationships. 2002 to 2008.


Cultivating Calm: a Lifestyle Approach to Stress Management.  A two-hour interactive and experiential workshop presented to a variety of private organizations and government agencies in and around the Tampa Bay area. 1992 to 2008.


The Employee Assistance Program: a Powerful Management Tool.  An interactive workshop presented to managers of companies and to government agencies. 1992 to 1995.


Using Your EAP: an Introduction for Employees.  An educational workshop presented to employees of companies and government. 1992 to 1995.


Teaching Assistant, University of South Florida. Course Co-Instructor for a three-credit undergraduate Psychology of Adjustment class and Lab Instructor for two undergraduate statistical methods courses. Guest lecturer in several undergraduate psychology classes where I offered instruction on a variety of wellness-related issues. 1986 to 1990.

Publications and Presentations

Shealy, John S. (August, 2019). A Model for Psychedelic-Assisted Re-Parenting (read the article). Psychedelic Support (on-line).


Shealy, John S. & Dye, Jordan M. (November, 2017). Mindfulness: The Skill of Moving into the Eye of the Storm. (read the article). (Camping Magazine, the journal of the American Camp Association, (vol 90, 6, 56-61).


Shealy, John S. (February, 2017). Cultural Conditioning Awareness: Using Mindfulness to Shift from Defensive Reactivity to Skillful Response - a 2.5 hour staff and leadership training presented at the annual convention of the American Camp Association, Albuquerque, NM.


Shealy, John S. (2014). Introduction to MBSR: A Taste of Mindfulness - A 2-hour Continuing Education program presented at the annual convention of the Kentucky Psychological Association – November 8, 2014.


Shealy, John S. (2014).  Introduction to MBSR: A Taste of Mindfulness - A 3-hour Continuing Education program presented at the annual convention of the Kentucky Holistic Nurses Association – October 21, 2014.


Shealy, J. S. (2002). Cultivating Mental Discipline: the Skill of Mindfulness. Published in a teachers’ training manual and used in several community programs for enhancing health-related behaviors.


Walfish, S., Stenmark, D. E., Sarco, D., Shealy, J. S., & Krone, A.  (1992).  International Journal of the Addictions, 27, 4, 425 - 433. Incidence of bulimia in substance abusing women in residential treatment.


Shealy, J. S., Shealy, S. E., Stenmark, D. E., & Gesten, E.  (1990). The application of popular films to community interventions: a pilot study aimed at AIDS-related issues. Poster presented at the Florida Psychological Association Annual Convention, Clearwater, Florida.


Walfish, S., Stenmark, D. E., Shealy, J. S., & Shealy, S. E. (1989). Reasons why applicants select clinical psychology graduate programs. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 20, 350 - 354.


Levine, B. T., Altabe, M., Reed, D. L., & Shealy, J. S. (1988). The Condom Attitude Scale: An Initial Investigation. Paper presented at the Florida Psychological Association Convention, Key West, Florida.


Shealy, J. S., Schultz, N. R., Brainard, E., Park, L., & Moore, D. (1987). Locus of control, body consciousness, and gender: relations to biofeedback and autogenic relaxation training.  Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association, Atlanta, Georgia.

Community Involvement

Founder and Coordinator, Integral Zen Louisville Sangha , a meditation practice community for experienced meditators that meets weekly for meditation and personal, emotional, and spiritual work within the Integral Mondo Zen model - a willingness to being open, honest and vulnerable within a supportive group container for the sake of all members. November 2015 to January 2017.


Founder and President, Flowing Dharma, Inc. Established in Tampa, Florida, moved to Louisville, KY in 2013, a 501.c.3 tax-exempt non-profit organization. Offered a number of residential and non-residential meditation trainings and retreats, supported local and international community initiatives to share various meditation practices and to preserve indigenous non-dual spiritual practices. Maintained an informational website and distributed a monthly e-newsletter about meditation offerings within the larger meditation community. January 2000 to January 2017. While Flowing Dharma still exists, we are currently not active. We're excited to see how it unfolds - perhaps offering some form of support for psychedelic healing in our community...


Volunteer Co-Facilitator, Gateless Gate Zen Center Prison Project, Gainesville, Florida. Participated in a 5-day non-denominational meditation retreat for 40 inmates inside Coleman Federal Correctional Institute in the medium security men’s compound. Helped to establish and continue to provide support for the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program at Lowell State Women’s prison. January 2003 to 2008.


Founding Member, Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Tampa Bay Chapter. A local chapter of an international organization involved in community outreach promoting peace and effective social action grounded in Buddhist teachings. BPF-TB also serves as an umbrella organization for the many diverse Buddhist organizations in this urban community of several million people. June 2003 to 2008.


Board of Directors, ForestWay Insight Meditation Center. Ruckersville, Virginia - a non-profit retreat center offering residential meditation retreats and teacher training opportunities in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition. Provided input on program and site development as well as marketing and fund-raising strategies. May 1999 to 2003.


Clinical Director, The FALLS Adventure (Family and Leadership Life Skills), Lakeland, Florida. A non-profit, results-oriented organization that promotes effective and functional family interactions through the utilization of Adventure-Based Therapy approaches (i.e. ROPES courses). Provided clinical support and direction for a variety of interventions targeting at-risk youth and drug and alcohol abusers. 1996 to1998.


Coordinator, EarthSave: Tampa Bay Chapter, Tampa, Florida. A local chapter of an international non-profit organization founded by John Robbins and devoted to increasing public awareness of the positive impact a plant-based diet has for health, the environment and society at large. Responsible for directing the efforts of volunteers engaged in community educational and outreach programs while serving as the liaison with the national office. 1995 to1997.


Volunteer, Community Mental Health Center. Anderson, South Carolina. Assisted mental health professionals working with emotionally and physically abused children in this outpatient setting. Assisted Archie Morgan, street minister and coordinator of the county’s girls’ foster home, with a variety of community outreach efforts targeting homeless adults and at-risk youth populations. 1982 to1984.

Other Work Experience

Cable Repair Technician, Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company.  Cable fault locating and repair on local service, long-distance carrier and closed circuit video communication systems. Briefly served as Job Steward and Grievance Chairman for Local 3702 of the Communication Workers of America. Anderson, South Carolina. 1972 to 1984.  


Electrician’s Helper, assisted in the layout and wiring of various control and lighting systems, drive motors and in-house communications systems. Duke Power Company Nuclear Generating Plant, Seneca, S.C. 1970 to 1972.


Homeowner and Organic Gardener, cleared land, cultivated an organic garden and fruit orchard, remodeled the house, installed wood stove, maintained cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles as well as every variety of household appliance. 1971 to 1982. Engaging in the usual homeowner challenges and growth opportunities while cultivating a backyard "organic food forest." 2013 to Present.

Personal Interests

Exploring Psychedelic Research, Hatha Yoga, Qigong, hiking, organic gardening, personal health and wellness, making sawdust in my woodshop... Pursuit of personal, psychological and spiritual growth through a variety of experiences (including psychedelics) and daily supportive practices.


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