Fancy Bird NestMy office is quiet, peaceful and exceptionally private; it's located in my home. While it's not unusual for psychologists to have an office in their home, many clients may not consider that a home office offers more privacy (no waiting room), is quieter (no office mates) and you can relax more deeply.


I am conveniently located at 535 Forum Ave, Louisville, KY 40214. Forum is one mile south of the Watterson (I-264) off the 3rd Street and Southern Parkway exit. (Forum intersects with Southern Parkway.) If you're coming from 264, you'll take Southern Parkway south for one mile. On your left, you'll pass Tenny, then Kingston and Forum is next. Forum is also a half mile north of Iroquois Park (from Taylor Blvd and New Cut Road). If you're coming north from the park, you'll pass on your right Dale then School Way and Forum will be next. Mine is the seventh house on the left, red brick front with large Magnolia trees in front. You can park in the driveway or there is safe street parking directly in front and on either side of the house. Get directions from Google Maps.


Availability & Office Hours: At this point in my career, I generally have 12 to15 therapy or coaching sessions a week and facilitate a few mindfulness training programs in the community. Much of the rest of my time is invested in deepening my meditation practice and exploring cutting edge psychotherapeutic processes (most recently psychedelics). This flexibility, along with the fact that my office is in my home, allows me to be very responsive to the changing needs of my clients. I generally start my work day around 9 am and end around 7 pm, Monday through Friday, and am also available on most weekends.


Internet Conferencing: Of course, with the internet, "my office" is as convenient as your computer or mobile device anywhere in the world. I use Zoom for these meetings, a stable and secure (HIPPA approved) video conferencing program that's free for you. I'll send you an "invitation" a day or two before our pre-arranged meeting and you'll click on a hyper-link (computer) or download a free app (smart phone) to join the call. I am also able to meet with couples or professional colleagues in separate locations. Many of my clients find this a useful option especially if they are traveling, moved out of the area or are otherwise unable to attend meetings in person (e.g., homebound). I've been consistently impressed with the clarity and comfort of the interpersonal connection and by the level of work that is possible on Zoom calls.


Fee schedule: I have always managed my professional practice, whether psychotherapy, life coaching, or mindfulness trainings, by having a “sliding fee scale” therefore always making room in my circle for those who have more limited financial resources at this time. Over the years it has always worked out for everyone - those who were more financially comfortable paid more so that those with less could either participate in our programs or receive the individual support they needed. In this spirit of mutual sharing and personal responsibility, all can benefit from the power of mindfulness and the healing and growth opportunities of psychotherapy and life coaching. I continue to follow this tradition. I trust my clients to reflect upon their financial situation and to set a fee they are comfortable with now, knowing that it can be adjusted (up or down) should their situation change.


Individual, Couple's therapy and Coaching: While the amount of energy required is generally greater when three people are engaged in the therapy or coaching process, I made the decision some years ago to keep my fees the same as for individual sessions and ask couples to be as generous as possible in setting their fee. I find working with motivated couples rewarding. After years in this practice, I'm still amazed by how a relationship can transform so deeply and so quickly when a couple brings a mindful perspective and a heart-felt commitment to our work together.


Fancy Bird NestSession Length & Fees: I have 90-minute sessions with my clients for a number of reasons. The primary one is that over the years, I have found longer sessions are more efficient - in time and money invested as well as in the results obtained. Typically, after a couple of weekly sessions, we go to an every-other-week meetings so 90-minute sessions are also more convenient for my clients - fewer sessions to fit into their busy schedule, fewer trips to and from my office. And, in the long-run, this approach saves my clients money.

• The fee for my usual 90-minute session can range from $225 to $150 (depending on your financial situation).

• Saturday & Sunday sessions when available, are offered only at the $225 for 90 minutes rate either in my office and via Zoom or cell.

A 1-hour session for on-going therapy or coaching (common with supportive follow-up situations) can range from $150 to $100.

A 30-minute Zoom or cell session (good for touching base, gaining support/clarity) will be 1/2 your usual 90-minute fee.


Missed appointments and late cancellations: Missing a scheduled psychotherapy or coaching session or canceling one without at least 24 hours notice will result in a bill for half of the normal fee for the length of session that had been scheduled. If I miss an appointment or have to cancel one with less than 24 hours notice, the charge for the next session will be reduced by half. To cancel a session with short notice (e.g., less than 2 days prior to a scheduled session), please don’t rely on email (which I may not see in time); please send a text or call me at 502 727 2996.



Window looking our on a pathPayment Options for my professional services (psychotherapy or life coaching) or to register for any of my Mindfulness Training programs (where registration is not being handled by the sponsoring organization, such as the Earth & Spirit Center) can be made via cash, personal check or major credit card or, a Health Savings Account if you have one available.


Cash is always a welcomed form of payment! :-)


Credit & HSA Card payments:


• In my office, I will scan the chip on your credit or debit card and handle the payment process for you.


• If you're making an on-line payment either from your own PayPal account or using your Credit Card, simply click on the "Make a Payment" logo below and follow the instructions. (Don't worry about the word "donate." It's was just an easy set-up that allows for a range of fees.)


With both PayPal options in a few minutes I will receive notice from PayPal of your payment with your name and email address. PayPal will send you a receipt of your payment to your email.


Venmo: I gladly accept payments from Venmo. If you have a Venmo account, you can send your payment to my account "John-ShealyPhD" by clicking here. My side of the transfer is private and yours can be too if you set "security" to "private" - otherwise folks may see that you made a payment to me.


If you need to mail a check, please make it payable to "John Shealy" and mail to 535 Forum Ave., Louisville, KY 40214


Payment Plan: If there is a need for a payment plan, I will work to establish one that fits the situation. This may include extending payments beyond the end of our work together.


If you have any questions, drop me a note or call me at 502 727 2996.


Emails: Over the years, I have found that email communication is best when used only for administrative purposes such as scheduling appointments, for which there is no charge. I have found that emails do not work well in the interpersonal process of therapy or coaching as there is too much room for misunderstanding with too little room for clarification. I have been amazed by just how much time it can take to respond skillfully to emails. Issues that could have been addressed in a quarter-hour phone or Zoom session can take many times longer, and the results are almost never as clear nor as useful. Given this history, I have decided to no longer engage with therapy or coaching clients via email for anything other than basic administrative needs. If you find yourself in need of a brief consultation, call me at 502 727 2996 or better yet, let's set up a Zoom face-to-face on-line meeting we can do that via email :-)


Insurance Questions:

Fine Print• I am not involved with any insurance companies as a "preferred provider" nor am I on any organization's "panel." Over the years I have found these types of relationships to be unsatisfactory on several levels, primarily in how it can negatively influence the working relationship I have with my clients while at the same time, greatly reducing the level of confidentiality (now and in the future). Further, the "issues of concern" typical of my clients often don't fit the "medically necessary" criteria set by most insurance companies. So, the end result of jumping through their many hoops is often a denial of coverage.


• My sliding fee scale is designed to fit the needs of my clients for professional support while keeping our working relationship private and personal.


• My approach is generally short-term, perhaps a couple of weekly sessions followed by three to six bi-weekly sessions followed by monthly or quarterly contact - not a major on-going expense. Considering these factors along with the charges associated with the common insurance coverage for "mental health issues" - the high deductibles and the co-pays, my fee adjusted to your needs can be the more reasonable option.


• Out-of-Network Provider: Assuming the situation you are seeking help with is considered "medically necessary" by your insurance company, I can provide you with a receipt that you can present to them as an "out-of-network" provider (if this a provision of your policy as it often is with PPO policies for example). If it doesn't allow you to receive some actual reimbursement, it may allow you to apply your payments to your deductible. However, my experience with this process has not been encouraging, but your situation may be different. Please don't count on that.


• HIPPA Form - Before we begin working together, please read this "Notice of Privacy Practices" statement, and let me know if you have any questions.


• Intake form - there's one sheet of information I collect from my clients - name, address, etc... You can fill this out when you come for your first session OR you can Click Here and open a pdf file that allows you to type your information into it. You may then either print it out and bring it in with you or send it to me as an email attachment - whatever works best for you - no worries.


I am looking forward to working with you! If you have any questions or concerns, please drop John a note at or call me at 502 727 2996. Or, consider a free 20 - 30 minute Zoom call so you can get a feel for me and a sense of how we would work together.