Integral Zen has its foundation in Mondo Zen, an impressive re-interpretation and modernization of the traditional Renzai Zen koan practice that comes from ancient China and Japan. Junpo Dennis Kelly Roshi, the Abbot of the Hollow Bones, has devoted his life to interpreting and bringing this powerful practice to the modern west. He's done an amazing job - check it out!


Doshin PhotoMy current teacher, Doshin Michael Nelson Roshi, the Abbot of Integral Zen, is a linage holder in the Hollow Bones tradition. Doshin overlays the comprehensive map of Ken Wilber's Integral theory along with an understanding of shadow and trauma work and attachment theory onto the solid foundation of Mondo Zen. He has created a truly transformative practice particularly well suited to the complexity of the western mind our often chaotic lifestyle. Doshin offers week-long Integral Zen retreats in the U.S. as well as Great Britain and Europe and is available for consultation and teaching over the internet. Doshin is a very clear, intelligent teacher who devotes his life to the evolution of the Dharma. I encourage you to follow any leading you may feel to reach out and connect with him and/or to attend one of his retreats.


To get a taste of these powerful practices and a sense of the teachers who developed them, I invite you to view the short videos linked below. Also, on their websites, you'll find some excellent descriptions and resources for deepening your understanding and appreciation of both Mondo Zen and Integral Zen. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what must a video be worth? Enjoy!


A Video of Doshin explaining Integral Mondo Zen (16 min)

A Video of Doshin discussing the Evolution of Zen - "The Fourth Turning" (20 min)

A Video of a rich exchange between Doshin and Ken Wilber (8 min)

A Video interview with Junpo (15 min)


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